Monday, 19 May 2014

I'm still not convinced

As I sit here watching my Twitter feed scroll at a respectable pace with hashtags such as #MarchInMay #MorePopularThanAbbott #auspol #ICAC #Budget2014 #BudgetReply #Newspoll #BustTheBudget #DD it concerns me that twitter also scrolled with fervour the week leading up to the September 2013 election.  Here's a couple of tonights fun ones.

It seemed people had Mr Abbott pegged then too.  I was in a state of shock when I woke on the morning after the election to discover he was our new PM.

Why did it take a Budget release to show the people of Australia the truth.  Why are so many of the country such bad judges of character?

How do people like Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey fly under the radar?

Why are people like these in the stories below, forgotten? Read their stories and see if you think it's fair.

Disability Support Pension Recipients

Single Parents of Disabled Children and their siblings

Single Parents doing it alone

And anyone else impacted by these broken promises

Is it the Mainstream Media exposure? Is it that Australians all hope one day to be wealthy and pin their hopes on the rich to lead the way? Are we truly that gullible?

Whatever it is, if we get the chance to go to the polls again, I hope we get it right this time! Use your votes wisely Australia.


  1. Because politics is treated the same way as we treat sports "My dad follows Holden as did my grandad, so that's why I...." Once a team is picked, one becomes more forgiving of their faults, for example, the captain the the team chooses.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is true, Australia being such a sporting nation means *that* culture is well entrenched. I think you would find most people who know about a particular sport would know more about it than they do about politics. We need to encourage people to self educate, to read the budget, to know the policies, to check what legislation the Govt is trying to have passed that most people are completely unaware of and how all this impacts them and their families. We have definitely become generationally complacent. Let's break the cycle!