Wednesday, 20 February 2013

If a tree falls in the forest ...

If a woman steps from her car, takes one step, trips on the gutter, stumbles, nearly recovers, drops her bag, puts her hands out to catch herself, drops her keys, catches her toe on the same gutter and falls on her side hitting her head on the ground, injuring her knee scraping her arm whilst all the time making weird grunting, surprised, forlorn half scream type noises in the middle of a deserted car park, did it really happen?

And yet, if the same thing happened and there were two women standing talking to each other one car away and saw the whole thing, did it still happen?


Because when I finally got myself to my feet, I realised that I HAD heard something (other than my own ridiculous noises) and that was the sound of their silence, as they obviously witnessed my fall AND DID NOTHING!!! Except to continue their conversation once they noticed I was moving.

I got myself up, collected my bits and pieces and limped the four steps back to my car where I sat and composed myself. Still no "bob of a head" in the car window or door just to see I wasn't silently bleeding out!


It's OK everyone, I am alright, thanks for asking. :-) I have a badly scraped knee and I think I have sprained my Patella Ligament which with some R.I.C.E. will be good again in a week.

When did people stop giving a shit? I cannot believe they were RIGHT THERE and did nothing, not even a cursory enquiry "You right love?" NOTHING!

It's no wonder people just die in the street these days, it's no wonder our society is so stuffed up ... call me naive, but until today, I had a much stronger belief in the human race.  I myself have performed many spontaneous acts of kindness or have found the reason to just ask R U OK? Hell, I've even studied First Aid!

Well, I know R U OK? Day is not until 12th September, but for me this is a timely reminder that we need to be looking out for others every day.  God help us if we don't.

So go check on that elderly neighbour, see if the single Mum next door needs anything at the shop while you are going, talk to the Mum in the corner of the playground that always seems to sit on her own, talk to the Dad at soccer that never seems to involve himself, or just offer someone a glass of water on a hot day ... whatever you think is a caring and thoughtful act that you can do for one other person, DO IT!

Happy Ending, we had Pizza for dinner because I felt so sorry for myself I just could not cook!

What will you do, or what have you done previously that was appreciated by someone else?

Oh, and bye the way, R U OK?

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. - Oscar Wilde


  1. So sad. I wrote about a man falling out his wheelchair and people walked over him. Myself and the kids did go and help. Hope your knee is better x

    1. Thank you, yes it is getting there. I will be sure to trip over your gutter next time xo Incidents like the one you speak of are exactly what concerns me. I was able to tend to myself, what happens to those who can't?