Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mindfulness 101

As life plays out around us, we get on with it, even if we don't realise we are doing so.

We do the things we have to, the things we need to and of course the stuff we just do as part of life, some days we can't even remember what we did.

Over the years, as part of my pursuit of happiness (or happyness for those who love that movie) I have undertaken much counselling, most therapists at some point, come around to a therapy or practise called Mindfulness.

It has taken me many attempts to really grasp this concept of "living in the moment", because I suppose, I have had many moments that I did not want to have to experience. I have had much sadness, much struggle and with those moments, there has been no joy, there has been no need or want to embrace those moments, and in some cases an urge to forget.

Life is not designed to be one big party, but a succession of moments; many we may not want to acknowledge. By denying ourselves those moments and not learning to live in each moment, acknowledging and experiencing our feelings we will also miss out on the moments that are great, joyful, good, happy, mediocre, boring, intriguing, pleasant, learning, fun and at times overwhelming, we will not have learnt to feel, to truly appreciate, and we will have had no moments, we will have had no life.

So be aware, pay attention, cherish each moment each day and be grateful for the chance to feel, no matter the feelings those moments evoke, but most of all feel them and share them and experience life by living in the moment.

So now I have the theory down pat, I must learn the application ... wish me luck.

I think the Happy Ending writes itself with this one :-)

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul. Carl Gustav Jung

While this post is a thought that has been with me for some time, the final inspiration came today as I read from here


  1. I'm really trying to get the hang of this Mindfulness thing but failing so far. Anything in particular that you have read or been told that helped you to 'get' it? Or was it just perserverance?

    1. Perseverance is necessary, gratitude is also key. On a personal level, trying to fight the urge to justify my need to hold on to old ways of thinking. Things like accepting I deserve happiness the same as everyone else and getting used to understanding my feelings and allowing myself to feel them. On a "big picture" view and in short, I realised how lucky I am simply to be alive and I need to make the most of that (see the link at the very end of the post) xo

    2. Thanks for the reply, that is very profound and helpful.x

    3. I am glad. Being helpful is a byproduct of blogging that I am also grateful for, and didn't consider when I started, so it is a bonus. xo

  2. Hi Sandra, glad you found some inspiration in my Everyday post. Love your happy ending!

    1. Thank you Allison. Love your blog, many an inspiration there.