Saturday, 2 March 2013

Things That Make Me Smile :-)

Depression is debilitating.

I could end this post right here, because those of us who struggle with Depression know only too well how debilitating it can be. But that would not get around to the heading I have given this post would it now?

Struggling with Depression is not the same as feeling a bit Depressed, or being a bit sad, or not quite feeling on top of things, or just not having any energy.  Many people have these feelings AND for the most part, 1 in 3 people with have "a bout" of Depression at some time in their life.

When I talk about Depression, I am not referring to those "temporary bouts" I am talking about DEPRESSION the type that changes your life. Yeah sure, you will encounter the other milder feelings I mentioned before, but not for only a day here or there, or even a couple of days in a row, you will encounter these annoying little symptoms more days than not, along with a huge list of other symptoms such as some Common behaviour associated with depression, like these:

  • moodiness that is out of character
  • increased irritability and frustration
  • finding it hard to take minor personal criticisms
  • spending less time with friends and family
  • loss of interest in food, sex, exercise or other pleasurable activities
  • being awake throughout the night
  • increased alcohol and drug use
  • staying home from work or school
  • increased physical health complaints like fatigue or pain
  • being reckless or taking unnecessary risks (e.g. driving fast or dangerously)
  • slowing down of thoughts and actions.
For further information about Depression and Anxiety go to Beyond Blue For immediate assistance please phone Lifeline on 13 11 14

But enough of that!

I have recently read some incredible stories of other people's experiences with Depression, how it has changed their lives, how they fight it, how it has changed them and for some, how they have learnt to live with it.

I have not read anywhere about a cure, because I do believe that Depression stays with us, changes us; and while we might be able to change our lives powerfully, and even so much so that we can keep the beast at bay, it lives on within us just waiting for the next time we are overwhelmed, vulnerable or simply tired.

And again, enough of that!

There are things however, that I believe help me to keep the beast at bay, and those are the things that I really want to share with you ... so here goes!


Watching my children play
Rain - Watching and smelling it
When my children hug me
Peace and quiet
My children's jokes
Funny photos
The smell of fresh cut grass
Eating ice cream with my children
Baby animals
Watching my children sleep
Success - no matter how small (getting the washing up done is enough some days)
Fond memories
Butterfly kisses with my children
Walking along the beach
Getting my feet wet in the ocean
Helping others
and Looking at puffy white clouds in a blue sky while laying on the grass.

I could actually go on for quite a bit more, but these are the things that I had previously listed in my book.

I have a book that I keep where I list all the best things I have learnt from hours of scouring books on positive quotes or positive healing etc., or wise words given to me from many sources and when I need to, I look through that book, and yes, it is another thing that makes me smile.

I had to work a little to put this together as one of my weapons that I use against Depression, but the effort has been worth it, for I am prepared!

So there are the things that I can do or think of or watch that make me smile, there are many other things that I do for other positive purpose, but that might just have to be another story!

My Happy Ending ... I feel uplifted for having shared something positive here, and I hope it can make you feel a little more positive too. xo

Take the first step in faith;
you don't need to be able to see the top of the stairs to climb a staircase.

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