Thursday, 28 March 2013

Best Australian Blogs 2013

Once again I find myself blogging about blogging! BUT WAIT, this is REALLY COOL, I have entered my blog in a Competition!

The Competition is run by Australian Writers' Centre and it is called Best Australian Blogs Competition 2013.

I have entered myself in a couple of different categories, which will be judged by people who have experience and knowledge in such "categories".

BUT, for THE PEOPLE, the people who read blogs (or mine anyway), the good news is, there is a "People's Choice Award".

Which means YOU can vote for ME HERE. Or you can click on that great big blue button up there on the left that says "VOTE FOR ME NOW!" It will take no more than a few minutes. Really!

You will need to scroll through to the "M" Blogs and look for My Happy Endings and simply tick the box next to that name.  You will also be required to provide a minimal amount of information about yourself just so the judges know you only voted once!

The winner of The People's Choice Award receives $1000 in writing courses with the Australian Writers' Centre.

The rest of this information is only for those who might be interested beyond my involvement as there is MUCH competition this year with a final number of entries exceeding 1200 blogs I believe.

So keep your fingers crossed for me (except when you are trying to vote for me) and with any luck I could win the above section of the Competition or, even, something from this list below.

For the winning blogger overall, there are quite some rewards that will of course be beneficial in moving forward with said blog and hopefully the next phase of a career, writing books. The prizes are:

$1500 worth of writing courses at the Australian Writers' Centre
$1000 in cash
$500 worth of books from Random House
A one-hour mentoring session with Brandon Van Over, managing editor at Random House, to discuss publishing a book based on their blog or any other writing projects the blogger wishes to discuss.
This year there are five special awards to recognise outstanding posts and emerging bloggers. Each winner will receive $400 worth of on line or face-to-face courses at the Australian Writers' Centre. The Awards are:
Outstanding New Blog: For an exceptional blog that is under six months old. (For posts written after April 2012.)
Outstanding Advocacy Post: For an exceptional post explaining, advocating or fundraising for a cause or issue.
Outstanding Humorous Post: For the funniest post entered in this special award round.
Outstanding Use of Photography: For a post with beautiful photos used well.
Honourable mention: For a blogger who may not have made it to the finalist round but stood out from the crowd. (This is only awarded if there is a blog that fits the bill.)
My Happy Ending here is of course that I do rate somewhere, next of course is the exposure the Australian Blogging Industry will receive and hopefully showcase many fantastic Australian bloggers.
Writing is truly a creative art - putting word to a blank piece of paper and ending up with a full-fledged story rife with character and plot.
William Shatner

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