Friday, 20 December 2013

Where is the Humanity?

There was a time I knew, when people organically cared about each other. I remember a neighbourhood of friends, not neighbours.  I still have many of those friends. We still care about each other. We may not live near each other, but when times are tough, we take the time to let each other know we care, and when times are good we rejoice together. We do what is within our power to do, we always empathise.

Empathy is something that does not seem to exist in some people, sadly, people who have the power to do good not evil, often lack that sense of empathy. Take for example the situation with Asylum Seekers here in Australia, the abuse and bombings of citizens in Syria, the withholding of Human Rights for GLBTIQ in Russia and the ensuing punishment for breach of their inhumane laws, and many, many more atrocities all around the world.

Some, we hear very little of they are so unbelievable. Even if we had heard an illegal or embarrassed whisper, we would be unlikely to believe it. Much like our history, The Holocaust and the many more mass executions that have taken place since WWII. Who would have believed the attacks in Syria if it weren't for this age of digital photography and media? We could not see the Holocaust during WWII, so people simply chose to not believe that human beings could be that destructive, that cruel and murderous to other human beings.

Unfortunately, that is the result of a mass mentality pushed in the direction of evil, not good.

I found this wonderful video today that I believe we all need to watch.
It talks about the evolution of human empathy. It addresses how we influence others and most importantly, it talks about where we find ourselves today.

Take the time to watch it. The second part of this post can wait for another day.

My Happy ending will be when the tipping point gains momentum and the world finds empathy again.

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