Friday, 4 April 2014

Circle of Support - 4th Day of Gratitude

It has taken time, effort, learning, understanding, teaching, empathy and most of all reaching out, but I am well on the road to ensuring we as a family, have in place a well rounded network of support.

I do prefer to call it a Circle, because if I placed all those people in a circle, they would all be looking in.  Not only to us, but to each other; which is how a Circle Of Support should work, together.

In the early days it was the struggle of finding the right supports for the boys while finding just the minimum for myself.  More recently however, I have found support in the form of friends, community, funded programs and Educational environments for myself.

2 years ago I would never have thought it possible to find support via any organisation even remotely associated with Education, and while I still find a needle in the haystack every so often, for the most, I have found gold at the end of the rainbow.

I have friends who have supported me in ways I have never experienced before and as a result, I hope I too have learnt and grown to become a better friend in return.

I want to take the time today to express my gratitude to those who have been there for me and allowed me to learn to be myself, those who have listened and heard me, those who've allowed me to make mistakes and to correct them and to put into practise the life lessons it has taken me so long to learn (and are still learning) and to be able to do that in a safe place.

I'm by no means perfect, but I am getting better thanks to the support I feel.

Today, I am grateful for my Circle Of Support xo

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water, it will make ripples throughout the entire pond...” Jessy and Bryan Matteo


  1. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad to. It gets easier to ask and therefore build supports when you realise, we all do it. Sometimes it is just more organic than other times. :-)