Thursday, 10 April 2014

Struggles - 10th Day of Gratitude

If you are following Grateful in April on the website or on Twitter @GratefulinApril or on  Facebook you might recognise this ...

I've decided to use this as my prompt for my Gratitude today, because this morning, I had a little struggle.

You see, after years and years and years and years ... well, you get it, of Therapy, as was previously mentioned on my 5th Day of Gratitude I have started to actually find myself much more capable of getting through life's little challenges.

So, this morning when I woke to find my glasses had detached from the right arm which holds them on my head, I was, to say the least, feeling a bit lopsided.

It threw me a bit, but I pushed through with the help from a few positive comments from concerned friends on Facebook.  I also felt a little special when I realised there were people who actually envied my "me" time as I sat eating raisin toast (covered in sesame seeds ??? - still trying to get my head around 'that' though) and sipping my Caramel Latte! (Sorry Kathy)

In general though, I just felt really out of sorts and unable to actually guide my brain in the right direction to actually get anything constructive done. Some of you may be thinking "I have days like that all the time and I just get on with it", I wish I could. Depression is not called "The Black Dog" for nothing. That's why this Institute exists.

In the past, this would have been enough to render me unavailable for a couple of days.

But this afternoon, I was back on track.  I even had a look at my TAFE Assessment that will no doubt keep me busy during the School Holidays which will be upon us in one, more, day!

It appears I am utilising my struggles to gain strength and to finally learn to overcome them ... slowly.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunities to practise my skills that my struggles bring.

If you struggle with Anxiety, Depression or any other Mental Illness, please contact your GP or local Mental Health Team via your local Area Health Service for referral.

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