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Passionate mother of two wonderful children. Believe in people using their powers for good and not evil. Advocate for my kids. My eldest child is a talented, intelligent, socially aware, proud, young, androgynous person and my youngest is also talented, clever, loves the outdoors and has excellent problem solving skills, he also happens to have Down syndrome. As a family we love trips to the beach, park, shops and Maccas for the play equipment. I enjoy reading, writing, crochet and cooking.  I believe in equality and inclusion in all aspects of life for all. And I believe in justice. Hope you enjoy my blog :)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Getting Back on my Horse - 25th Day of Gratitude

Yes, I've dropped the ball on the whole


I am however, fairly certain, that Melina (Click here to find out more about her) would just be happy for me "getting back on my horse".

So here I am, grateful that I have the capacity to get back on my horse (Metaphorically of course) and carry on! 

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