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Friday, 18 April 2014

Honesty - 17th Day of Gratitude

I had a positive experience today with a Tradesman. 

Don't laugh ...

It does happen!

Our hot water stopped working, and being the day before Good Friday, I did what any other self respecting, intelligent person would do ... I made a phone call, I sent a text (or two) and I sent an email. And then, I started begging!

The Real Estate Agent got back to me (fairly quickly in fact) and assured me, "he's on his way". 

So I started trying to remember where my soup pot was. I had visions of the three of us using the same bath water after having boiled up many soup pots of water. 

And then it happened ... The phone rang! It was "The Hot Water Guy". Marty assured me he would be there today, and he was. 

You cannot believe just how grateful I am for the honesty I received today as I received good service from two people who, without their commitment to their jobs and their honesty, might have produced a very different result for me. 

Thank you both. 

Today my gratitude is dedicated to honesty. 

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