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Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Outspoken - 13th Day of Gratitude

I often see sayings scroll up on my Facebook or Twitter feed and wonder who actually had the courage to put in words the things that society would have us believe we cannot say.

How were those people really feeling at the time? Was it about rebellion? Is it about being recognised for who they actually are after years of hiding? Is it easier to put it in written word and make a visual out of it than to speak those words? Is it a way to say what you feel and yet remain anonymous?

I suppose for each of them it could be any of those reasons, and many more.

For my part, I am grateful for the outspoken, because they say the things I am thinking but have not been able to form into words that can be understood, to be able to string them together in sentences that can be understood, my mind does not always work like that.

Today, I am grateful to the outspoken.

Please find below a small sample of what I am referring to.

Here's to the outspoken and may there be many more ... xo

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