Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thoughtful Friends - 27th Day of Gratitude

Since I had LJ some 11 years ago, my life has changed.

People who say having children has not changed their lives in some way must be missing something.

People who say having a child with a Disability has not changed them or their lives, must have really had their shit together before.

I, have gone through so much change in the last 17 years since having my first born MJ and a whole different type of change since LJ came along in 2002, that I feel like I am not really sure what I did with my life before or where I thought I was going.

Now I know.

I've had to make sacrifices as my ability to cater for others in my life was reduced, and so those people slowly backed away. I've had to accept when you become a single Mum you no longer fit into every social situation like you used to, and invitations wane. I had to accept that not everyone knows how to accept differences, and so they take their bigotry and walk out the door of my life.

I've found more recently that many people don't know how to be the friend of a person with fluctuating Mental Health (as I have touched on here) so to find special friends amongst all that lack of understanding has meant a great deal to me.

I've recently found many people who are supporting me in a much more understanding and inclusive way which I wrote about here,  I have also very recently met a friend who has had her own share of life's challenges. Maybe that is why she is more capable of thinking of others, but whatever the reason, I was really happy today when we suggested she would come for a coffee, that she made the offer we go to a park so LJ could also enjoy the visit! Might seem like a small thing to do, but you'd be surprised how many people still think only of themselves.

I am so blessed that I now have people who take the time to consider our needs.

Today, and always, I am grateful for thoughtful friends!

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