Thursday, 24 April 2014

Driving - 24th Day of Gratitude

LJ went off to Vacation Care today.  He had a wonderful time.

I got done all that stuff I decided not to do yesterday.

I enjoy being in the car on my own, it doesn't happen often.

As most Mothers will tell you, 'Chauffeur' is part of the job description.

I've always loved driving. Who doesn't want to just follow this ...

When I used to drive to work, it never bothered me sitting in traffic, it was time to think (or sing really loud to the radio).

I find that when I am driving, I get to process things more clearly in my head. I also do a bit of self talking to help with that processing.  I've always done that.  Once upon a time it was a problem and I used to make it look like I was singing, but now we have hands free phones, so people don't look at you weird anymore, they just think you are on the phone.

So today I got to be alone in my car.  Not that I drove anywhere as picturesque as the photo above, but I might as well have done, as it served the purpose of relaxing me, clearing my mind and refocusing me for the rest of the day.

Today I am grateful for driving.

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