Saturday, 12 April 2014

Old Friends - 11th Day of Gratitude

I have a friend, I mean to say I actually have a few friends, but this one, I have had for nearly my whole life.

Sadly, we live quite a distance from each other, although that has never stopped us being friends.

We also live very different lives having had children at very different times, we work very different hours and days and we are at very different life stages, and yet, we have so much that we share.

I've written several times before about my friends and each time I look back over my blog to identify those posts, I realise once again, how very lucky I am.

Yesterday (11th day of Gratitude), it happened I had a long overdue phone call with said friend, and she made me realise how loyal my long term friends are to me.

You see I've had some form of Mental Illness it seems, for most of my life, and as I am now coming into a time of real healing, I can identify in my past some of the strange things I have done, the weird responses people have seen in me, the unreliable character that I have displayed in the past, all those things that many people have just walked away from, but not my friends, my pals, my buds, my mates, my absolutely true, life long "in for the long haul" 'besties'.

So here I am, once again saying THANK YOU, to all my friends who love me even when I'm a bit crazy!

Today, I am grateful for my friends,
all of them who stand by me.

"A friend is one who knows you, and loves you just the same." Elbert Hubbard

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