Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Persistence - 10th Day of Gratitude

I once had a boss who told me that he liked my "bull dog attitude"!

In that very moment, I was somewhat taken aback; and then it dawned on me, that he was actually complimenting me!

You see, I worked in an environment of technical specifications and contracts and manufacturing, so, well, things HAD to be right!

When I found something that I thought was wrong and needed correcting, I would pursue it, until I was certain it was OK the way it was, or it was amended PRIOR to manufacture.

I look back now and realise, that while I was a junior and not qualified in the trade, I probably saved them a lot of money over the three years that I did that job!

And over the years, I have had a few reasons to be persistent for many different reasons.

I find, as the Mother of a child with a disability and a child who is gay, it has served me well on many occasions.

And today, yet again.

Most people don't like to be challenged, but sometimes it is a matter of them seeing the real good in change or the real risk in not changing.

I do not ever apologise for my persistence, because even if I am proved wrong at the end of the day, I usually find it makes people think, and THAT, can only be a good thing.

Today, I am grateful for my persistence!

Focus on the solution, not the problem - Walter Anderson

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