Friday, 19 April 2013

The Foxy Foundation

For those of you who have read my previous posts regarding The Foxy Foundation and the story of  Anthony and Sally Fox, I am very happy to give you all an update and encourage you to get behind them to help not only them, but through their Foundation, others who might find themselves confounded by the system.

A refresher for you all, my original post An Australian Family Needs Our Help was very wide spread and I had a lot of help from other bloggers who also spread the word.

Again, they jumped on board when I wrote an update so people would not simply forget the Fox Family plight, that was this one Fox Family Follow Up and now, I would like to bring you all up to date even more, with this link The Foxy Foundation Facebook Page.

This is the Mission of the Foundation:


Seems to me to be a good one!

Just so you don't all say to yourselves "Why do we need to get involved? Isn't there some sort of Scheme being introduced?"

Well, yes, there is, sort of.  It's a bit like the Gonski thing, the States just don't give a Gonski.  The only big difference with the NDIS is that Federal Government are not really on board either when it comes to the funding.

The NDIS is not fully funded and is being rolled out for so many people at a time and so there will be waiting lists and natural attrition as the current system changes and the new one cuts in.  This will take years! The Fox Family have only just entered "the system" so if it goes on lists, they are at the bottom.

Fundraising is also part of what the Foundation is doing and as at tonight, they have an online Auction going. No sure how long for, so best get on over there and put in a bid!

So, we need Foundations like the "The Foxy Foundation" to step up to the plate in the interim and THEY need YOUR support! NOW.

So go and follow them on FACEBOOK at The Foxy Foundation and see what you might be able to do to help.

My Happy Ending: One day, the Government will get it right.

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