Monday, 8 April 2013

Fox Family Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who read my post from the 2nd April 2013 about the Fox Family, and to those who shared it on Facebook and Twitter  An Australian Family Needs Our Help.

The problem is, as is usually the case with these things, the hype has worn off.

Anthony Fox still has no answers and has today found himself having to write to Tony Piccolo MP (@tonyforlight) to request he keep the public promise he made on radio and TV to Anthony about making available to the Fox Family, the funds that will be necessary for them to move forward with their lives. News story here

For those of you out there who are activists, get writing, tweeting, phoning, supporting in anyway you feel you can.

Contact Details: Electorate Office: 148 Murray Street, Gawler SA 5118.
Telephone: 8522 2878 Fax: 8523 1392 E-Mail:

For the rest of you who would like to get behind the Fox Family and let them know we are on their side, please see the Facebook page, The Foxy Foundation (link below).

Here is the excerpt from the Facebook page and the link to that page also:
Today Anthony has written to Mr Piccolo pleading for confirmation of his commitment on radio and TV this week:

 To Mr Piccolo,
I am writing this e-mail to you to follow up on your promise to re-unite me with my family in a few days. To date...
we have not received any formalisation of your promise. As I prepare myself to return to Hampstead tonight (I am on weekend leave and say goodbye to my kids for another week). I shake my head in disbelief. “Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?”
When I look at this situation and the supporting policies that create these situations. It is difficult not to burst into tears. When I look back to when my stroke occurred and my transfer to Hampstead was delayed due to a lack of beds I wonder if my recovery could have been further progressed if I had been immediately transferred to Hampstead when I was ready, not when a bed was free. Would I be walking today (or will I ever walk) and how this delay has impacted me? Would I be walking by now? I guess I will never know. I also wonder if there is another person waiting to be admitted to Hampstead into the bed I currently take up. And what impact these crazy policies and funding miss matches will have on both of our lives.
Before this stroke I was a hardworking , fit and healthy family man who took great pride in seeing his children’s accomplishments and being there to support them as a good dad does. I am still a good dad and husband but these delay’s may forever impact my family’s life as I am not around like I should be. 6 months away from them is enough. We need to move on with lives, and I need to move on with my recovery and the next step begins with you coming through with your promise to get me home as soon as possible. Over the weekend, I also became aware of a link between us as you are an ex ATO man like myself.
Anthony Fox

My Happy Ending will be the Fox Family gets their Happy Ending.

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