Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Time - 29th Day of Gratitude

As this month draws to an end, I find myself looking forward to the kids returning to school.

I have spent the last two weeks with them as they flop around the house doing not much else than annoying me with their questions of "What are we doing when we wake up?" or "Can we have hot chips for lunch?" or "Can we go to the park?" and while we have done a few things, my God, just having to feed them three times a day has been exhausting (as was pointed out in this previous post). It requires a whole other level of planning in my day!

They go back to school this Wednesday, so it will have been 18 whole days of just me and them!  Now, the interesting part of this is firstly that we are all alive, secondly, we are all still speaking to each other and thirdly, we all seem to be happy enough, given the time we have had to spend with each other.

I know I sound ungrateful here; there is, however a bit of confusion going on for me right now, you see, on a regular weekend during school term, I can lose it!

Some weekends, two days is enough time to push me over the edge, and yet, here we are, all alive and well after 18 days!

See how happy we are? Well, just imagine the two girls are boys and of course I don't actually have a husband, or any significant other and the most obvious difference would be that I don't have bangs! But it's close right? We are that happy!
So with the holidays drawing to an end, I am grateful that we had that time together, and I might even be so brave as to look forward to the next school holidays.
I am grateful for time.
T. S. Elliot: Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.

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