Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day's End - 27th Day of Gratitude

We never really know for sure what a day will bring. We make plans, we imagine, we even go so far as to implement plans, but we can never really be sure how that day will end.

I'm a planner, I always have been. I'm also a lists girl, I make lists, lots of lists. It just seems to be in my DNA, I've always done it, nobody taught me how to do it. Nobody taught me how to work through them either ... and so I still have lists. :-)

Planning is what makes me feel safe, or at least it has in the past.

I've had too many things go totally wrong when I have acted on impulse.  Having said that, I used the word "impulse" not intuition ... and I do believe there is a very big difference.

The way it has worked for me is that choosing to do something on the spur of the moment without listening to my intuition, is usually when I land in trouble. But I have trouble following my feelings too, since I have had the kind of life that has numbed my senses a bit. So it's a bit of a Catch 22.  I want to use my intuition, but I can't tune into it. So I plan.

This pearl of wisdom has come up more than once in my life, and whilst it is getting later in my life, I still feel I have time to really grasp the concept. You see, it's never too late!
I have been busy making plans and although I try very hard to follow them, I have found that life does just happen and it drags me along, at times kicking and screaming, to where I am supposed to be.  Even if that has NOT been what I planned.
I am hoping to make life easier from here on, maybe I won't plan so much, maybe I just need an idea of where I want to be and see how life unravels on that journey?
One thing I do know for sure is this, whatever I plan or don't plan, however my day goes, no matter what I have planned or not for tomorrow, I am always ready to lay down at day's end and be grateful that I have another shot at it all tomorrow and that brings me comfort.
Today I am grateful for day's end.
Do you plan? Are you a list writer? Do you live in the moment?


  1. Love this post Sandra! I used to be a big planner myself and having a child on the autism spectrum kinda blew that out the window - as much as I fought it. The only successful (and that word may be pushing it a little lol) 'plans' I stick to these days is when I have appointments - though seriously that doesn't work very well either LOL! I love your statement for the end of the day and I am going to remember that because I think it's something we all need to remember! THanks for sharing that :) Have an amazing day!

    1. Glad you got something positive from this. Having LJ arrive with Down syndrome certainly changed my idea of how life should be too, but, I still try and so does he. LOL We tend to have to agree to disagree quite a bit. :-)