Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Food - 9th Day of Gratitude

FOOD, that has been my theme for today, food.  I have shopped for it for the family, I have bought my own lunch, I have cooked and I have packed it away in cupboards and in the freezer and of course eaten it.

So I think it is obvious that today I am grateful for food.
Like my gratitude post about water, we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country, where we have access to so much fresh locally grown produce. Let's make sure we keep it that way! In my opinion, we need to support our local producers.
I'm not going to go on about this anymore, because I am on a deadline to be in bed, (if you want to know the story behind that, it is here) but I will leave you all with these to ponder ...

All of these were made from scratch with fresh local produce!
This is not a sponsored post.
Be sure to check out the actual Grateful In April Website for more information on this fantastic campaign!

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