Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Water - 2nd Day of Gratitude

Today was a bland sort of a day.

Just the usual. Get up, shower, cup of coffee, feed kids, get them to school, home, more coffee, plan the day, washing, washing up and all the other bland stuff.

I took the time today to make myself a cappuccino (since we have a great machine that does all that stuff) and really sat down and enjoyed my coffee once I had arrived home from the school run.

I sat there planning my day, thinking about all the things I wanted to achieve and then wrote the list of the things I thought I would realistically get done.

One of the things I had planned was to write this post and as I scanned the old grey matter for a thought or memory that might jog a feeling of gratitude, it hit me like a Tsunami!


Yes, I know you all know what a Tsunami is, that is not what I am saying about water.

What I am saying, is that I am grateful for water!

I live in a land girt by sea!

I can use water for recreational purposes!

I can wash my dishes, my clothes, my kids and myself in water that is fit to drink!

It certainly is a privilege I often forget is a blessing. I know I take our water for granted most of the time.

That, is why, today, I am grateful for water.

My Happy Ending would be that all communities were equally as blessed as I am, to have water on tap.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732


  1. Hi Sandra

    We love that you are doing Grateful in April and hope the month will bring much happiness to you!

    Melina and the Grateful team :)

    1. No, really ... Thank You! Sandra xo

      For anyone who is interested to know more about Grateful in April I will post the link on my No. 3 post and I am sure it was on No. 1 also.

      And, for the record, these are not sponsored posts, I truly believe in the power of gratitude and believe this to be a fantastic campaign!