Friday, 19 April 2013

Siblings - 19th Day of Gratitude

I'm not as lucky as my kids, they have each other.

They have each other for playing, loving, teasing, fighting, ganging up on me with and to stand up for each other.

MJ always retorts when I chastise for being mean to each other, "But he's my brother! I'm allowed to!" God help anyone else that might be mean to either of them.

And thank God that I have them both.

MJ is a 16 year old, and whilst I do take any opportunity I get to have a dig at him for behaving like one, I would not trade him for the world.

Today, when I was laying on the lounge running a temperature, wondering how I was going to get up and make dinner (thinking about it was killing me) I took advantage of my seniority in the house.

"MJ, come and help LJ, he needs something ..."
"I don't know, something!"
"I don't want to."
"I am asking you to."

I don't usually pull rank, I am always threatening to, and well, that probably explains his strange belief that he can say no!

As I was unable to lift my head off the lounge or even plan a meal in my head, I will forgive myself for the outburst that then followed!

"Fine! You won't be going anywhere for the rest of the holidays! Phone AD and tell her you can't come on Monday and phone the others and tell them you won't be there next Saturday!"

"Be sure to tell them that it is because you refuse to contribute around the house."

You see I still had not forgotten that I was the person who went out in the rain at midnight the night before to do what is MJs job of taking out the rubbish!

Ensuing grunts and sighs and thumping feet came from the hall and off they went, MJ helping LJ with the mystery problem.

LJ was really only bored, other than a quick 10 minutes of kicking a ball outside, I had not given him any attention today due to my cold, flue, 'dying virus', call it what you may; I felt like crap!

Before I knew it however, a shift had occurred.  They were colouring, and making the shapes of letters with their bodies and there were giggles and belly laughs.  It was music to my ears.  And my threats of the past were wiped away.

After a quick snooze, I was able to gather myself enough to have a shower which made me feel so much better that I was able to pick up the phone and order home delivery! A miracle!

Even though there is sibling love and sibling rivalry ...

Today, I am grateful my kids have a sibling each.

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