Thursday, 4 April 2013

Peace - 4th Day of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for the smallest of things, the seemingly non existent, and yet, so precious.

Today I am grateful for something that we all strive for but cannot see, cannot feel, nor can we touch.

It has taken me a long time to have this in my life, this thing that is intangible and yet, so sought after.  I have worked hard to have it, which is why it is so valuable to me.

I often invoke it, but then cannot enjoy it fully, I often am aware of it in my surroundings and yearn for the simplicity of the beings who absorb it.

Today, I was able to have it, I was able ... to have ... peace.

I was able to have a still mind, body and spirit, I was able to take time out for me, and me alone. I did not have to share any part of me, to give anything of myself to anyone else, I was alone and yet I felt more embraced than I have in a while. I felt nurtured, respected, loved and most of all, I felt gratitude.

For that five minutes I took out of my day and put to use in a much more valuable way, I was replenished, invigorated, renewed.

I have written before about Mindfulness here and today I used this method to invoke my peace. I focused on, well, nothing really! And that was what I got! Nothing, peace, calm, quiet and, it was beautiful.

Today I am grateful for peace!
And hot chocolate ...

My Happy Ending will be when I can enjoy a little peace every day!

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha

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