Friday, 19 April 2013

The Superficial - 18th Day of Gratitude

It finally came, that moment, the one I knew would present itself eventually and yet I had fought for so long.

I had closed my eyes to it, I had turned and walked away, hell, I had even stepped over it.

Today, however, with a fighting spirit, my head could no longer deny, my house was a disgusting mess!

I started with the most difficult part of the day, I asked the boys to pick up their own things and put them away! After they had picked up their things, I moved on to the next job, nagging them to put them away!

So when all nagging was done, I was able to move on to the dusting and vacuuming, the bathroom and toilet, whilst simultaneously washing clothes and getting them dry. Moving on to the final stages of mopping and washing up, while making a new mess feeding the workers (me).

Finally, and the most enjoyable part of the day, making the beds! Fresh sheets! LJ laying on the bed while I throw them over him and the squeals! Oh, the squeals :-)

But by far the best part of the day is about to take place, that is the part where I get to go to bed having had a bath and dressed in fresh, clean PJs and slide between two crisp, fresh, clean sheets and slowly and peacefully fall off to sleep ... Ahhhh.

I must admit, while I do look forward to the end of a "house cleaning day", I also look forward to the order that will exist for a minimum of 24 hours thereafter.  As I get older, I cope less well with chaos.  I like to know where the scissors are when "I" need them, or that there will be toilet paper in the bathroom when it is "my" turn to go, and that when I go to have a cup of coffee, there will be a clean teaspoon, or even a mug!

Those are my creature comforts, convenience, the superficial.

So today, I am grateful for the superficial.

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