Saturday, 13 April 2013

Knowing Myself - 13th Day of Gratitude

When I say "knowing myself" I don't mean in the biblical sense ...

I mean learning something about myself.  We all think we know ourselves really well because who else do we spend more time with?

We hear everything we say, we hear lots of the thoughts that flit through our minds all day, we have personally experienced every moment in our lives that have moulded and influenced us to be who we are, so you would think, we know ourselves better than anyone else.

Maybe we do, but do we know ourselves that well? Do we understand every little thing about ourselves?

About ten years ago, I might have said that I knew myself, without doubt. Now, I know one thing for sure, that I don't know myself as well as I used to.

Is that a bad thing? I think not.  I think it is wonderful that I am growing at a rate that keeps even me guessing.

Today, I had what might be called an epiphany, again, not in the biblical sense.

I realised something about my behaviour, my re activeness, my issues with socialising (Social Anxiety) which I have  written about before in this post and now I know, that I have changed, I know that because of the lack of opportunities to socialise, I am simply out of practise.

It seems I am just overwhelmed in some social situations. I love spending time with friends, going out to dinner, having people over and visiting at friend's houses, but when it comes to being in a situation where there are many people, I just can't do it anymore, and now that I understand that, I am actually relieved!

So, today, I am grateful for knowing myself!

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